International Manufacturer of Stainless Steel

About Greenmount Corporation​

Greenmount Corporation founded in 2007 in Houston, Texas to import and export seamless pipe / tube and bar products of stainless steel, nickel alloy, and titanium materials. Greenmount is a subsidiary of Tsingshan and utilizes owned and unrelated mills to supply these products to the North America market.

Parent Company

Tsingshan Steel and Iron

Tsingshan Steel and Iron was formed in 1992 and is engaged in foreign investment, manufacturing, sales, warehousing, and import & export. Principal products are stainless steel ingots, bars, plates, sheets, coils, wires, pipes, and tubes. Tsingshan with more than 300 subsidiaries has more than 175,000 employees, including 115,000 foreign employees around the world. In 2022, sales reached 368 billion yuan, ranking 257th in the 2023 Global 500, 74th in the 2023 China 500, and 14th in the 2023 China 500 private enterprises. Tsingshan operates in China, Indonesia, India, the United States, Argentina, Zimbabwe, etc. The concept of stainless steel changing life and improving people’s quality of life is integrated into practical actions. Attempting to explore the field of new energy, contribute to the green and sustainable development of humanity, and build a green future!
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